Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Yellow Sapphire Or Pukhraj Stone

Yellow Sapphire is related with planet Jupiter which is regarded to be the auspicious planet. It is also considered to  be the largest planet which is also denoted as the teacher or Guru of all planets. Wearing this stone will bring good fortune, name, fame, popularity to its wearer. Now you would be in hurry to buy this precious looking yellow sapphire stone. But before buying this stone you must be aware about few facts about yellow sapphire which will help you in receiving best benefits of wearing this stone.

What is Yellow Sapphire and what Is Its Meaning In Hindi: I am sure this question you must be asking to yourself. So answer of your question is that yellow sapphire means pukhraj stone in Hindi is an auspicious gemstone composed of corundum and other effective materials which are very rare to find but altogether creates a beautiful yellow hue. Due to its excellent luster and shine even kings and some of famous travelers of ancient time praised its appearance.Due to its sterling cut and clarity aspect it is considered to be the best gemstone in gem family. This stone is extremely hard on hardness scale it is rated moh 9.0 which is very next to diamond. Even sometime due to its yellow hue and shine it is not less expensive as compare to diamond.One more fact which i would to like bring out in your notice that as you know original or natural yellow sapphire stone occurs in rocks or mines so it is very hard to obtain natural yellow sapphire stone. But if you want to secure all the benefits of yellow sapphire stone then you must wear this stone. However due to presence of large number of fake suppliers of this stone it is very hard to find real yellow sapphire. In next paragraph i will discuss difference between original and fake yellow sapphire.

Difference between Original and Fake Yellow Sapphire: Now first thing which comes in mind when we hear about term fake yellow sapphire is that what does we mean by fake? So here is the answer a stone which is unnaturally created or produced in labs with the help of similar looking material alike yellow sapphire stone in order to create illusion in mind of its wearer is called fake yellow sapphire. This stone is created by those jewelers whose primary object is to make money. Though wearing a fake or synthetic yellow sapphire stone can sometimes bring bad results to its wearer. Because of this it is always recommended to  purchase a real yellow sapphire or pukhraj stone. Following are few ways which will aid you in identifying original yellow sapphire stone.

How To Identify Between Original And Fake Yellow Sapphire: An original yellow sapphire stone as i already told you is rigidly hard so it is almost impossible to  find a gemstone with a scratch so while purchasing gemstone keep this in mind. If you come across with any scratch or crack on pukhraj stone so don't purchase that stone.

Second thing which you must keep in mind that all gemstone does contain few inclusion in order to make stone look impressive and attractive. Because these stone are found in rocks so they loss their shine and become a bit dull so in order to revive its shine. A yellow sapphire or pukrhaj stone is heated on high temperature to retain its luster however while doing all these practices on stone its quality will not hamper. So while buying this stone check this stone with bare eyes if you find some inclusion then it is good to go. However if you don't find any inclusion with bare eyes don't buy that stone as it is an indication of fake or synthetic stone.

You should always buy this stone from familiar or well known gem dealers or jeweler on whom you can count on.So these are few points which you should keep in your mind while buying natural yellow sapphire stone.
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